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Who Silver Filtration Is ?

SILVER FILTRATION is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Water Filter Cartridges establishing a brand name 'SEDI CART' and providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. SEDI CART Water Filter Cartridges provide high-quality filtration solutions to meet worldwide customer's various needs with good service, a struggle for health, safety, and environment-friendly sustainable development.

Our Products include PP MELT BLOWN FILTER CARTRIDGE (DOE, SOE & PP CORE), HARD SURFACE (ORANGE SURFACE), GROOVED SURFACE, STRING WOUND FILTER CARTRIDGE, AND GAC (GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON). SEDI CART Water Filter Cartridge products are top tested for their qualities and with the state of art's unique design and durability. Our industry-leading position is built on innovative technologies and solutions that protect critical operating assets, improve product quality, safeguard health, and minimize emissions and waste.



Silver Filtration is owned by Mr. Sharad Patel and was established in the year 2011. We started as a small business, specializing in manufacturing better filtration solutions, building SEDI CART as a leading brand of Water Cartridges, and supplying high-quality filters to a diverse range of customers. Under an able leadership and a hardworking team, we gradually started manufacturing filters, expanded our vendor base, invested in Research & Development, and embraced Innovation. Today Silver Filtration is India's largest manufacturer of Water Filter Cartridges and has one of the widest ranges of equipment and solutions for all types of filtration requirements



Along with the increasing seriousness of environmental pollution, filter materials must be of higher efficiency and energy saving. Silver Filtration is built for providing better filtration solutions and manufacturing efficient purification water cartridges brand as SEDI CART for energy conservation and environmental protection.

SILVER FILTRATION IS THE INDIA'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF MELT BLOWN FILTER CARTRIDGES & WOUND FILTER CARTRIDGES. We have modern manufacturing capabilities that help us design powerful filtration systems. Through our production performance, our technical skill, and our knowledge in all water treatment sectors, we serve our customers with high-quality, right-price, and better service. At Silver filtration, you will find a wide range of Water Filter Cartridges.


With an ISO 9001:2015 certified, SILVER FILTRATION is a manufacturer and distributor of world-class filtration, with constructing next-gen filtration products and systems to solve all process-related challenges that the customers face. We have established a global client base and nurtured every client by consistently delivering uncompromised quality of products, attention to customer's requirements, and excellent after-sales support.



Quality is one such factor on which we focus the most because it is the incredible quality of our products that we offer that has aided our long term sustainment in the market. All Silver Filtration products are designed and produced by following global rules on health and environmental protection. We use the best quality of raw materials for our products and each product is tested thoroughly before being delivered to our customers. We have a proficient team of engineers, supervisors, project managers, technicians, skilled and semi-skilled laborers, and sales and marketing professionals, who enable us to serve the customers efficiently with a superior range of products and services. Flawlessness is maintained at all the levels of production, packaging, and distribution to meet the end to end requirement of the clients.



We operate from Rajkot, Gujarat where the main manufacturing plant is located, spread over a land area of 40,000 sq. feet. Our infrastructure facility includes the latest machining facilities which help us to manufacture a flawless range of our products. Our complete set-up helps us to manufacture all Water Filter Cartridges as per customer requirements. Our qualified and well-trained workforce assists us in manufacturing the product most suitable to our customer requirements.



Silver Filtration serves a vast number of customers all over India and Overseas. Our customers are highly satisfied with our products and services and wish to continue dealing with us. It is a great pleasure to know that we have met all our customer's expectations and solved every problem faced by our customers providing them with the best solution.  Due to the continued striving efforts of our workforce, we have successfully managed to reach customers from countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Bahrain, Malta, Kuwait, and many more.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in the manufacturing of Filter Cartridges by driving the world's transition to clean water.

Our Mission

To provide the world with clean & clear water by keeping hygiene consciousness and manufacturing the best Water Filter Cartridges in the world.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction,Teamwork,Integrity,Innovation,Accountability,

Our Commitment

To develop technologies that help customers to increase economic success and at the same time effectively reduce emissions of pollutants.

Our Business Ethics

Responsibilities, Truthful, Honesty & Fairness, Respect & Dignity, Morale, Compassion, Loyalty

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We provide Filter Cartridges as per the Client’s need which makes our products best from other Cartridge Manufacturing Companies

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Filtration Process

Filtration is the removal of solid material from the water using a water filter. The filter will be rated to remove particles of a certain size – for many supplies; several filters in descending order of particle removal size will be needed.

Deep Cleanse & Chemical Removal

Filters remove toxins, including pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, and disease-carrying pathogens from your water. Most water filters can remove these chemicals and toxins.

Micro Extraction & Sterilization

It's the only method that uses force to separate rather than to kill. When you filter a liquid or gas, it passes through a pore, which stops, or filters out, the passage of larger particles.

Chlorine Disinfection For Mineral Water

It's the only method that uses force to separate rather than to kill. Microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated, resulting in termination of growth and reproduction.

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